Special Events Photography

Looking for something different for your Event?
We offer a number of different services to make your Event even more special:

Our Retro Photography Studio gives your guests a chance to go back in time and take a print home showing what they would have looked like way back in the 1930's.

We bring along our Mobile Studio and all of the props we need. Macs, Tables, Desk Lamps and Hats. Your Guests put them on and we photograph them in poses that suit the period. Photos are sent to our print station by WiFi and are ready to print almost immediately.


Our Green Screen Studio allows us to place your guests on almost any background you choose. We can also add text or logos to the photo so that guests never forget the occasion or your Company is advertised on every photo.


Because of the uniqueness of this photography, we give you two options for us to attend.
1. An attendance fee of £200 and we then sell to your guests on the night at our normal prices.

2. A prepaid Package where you pay us to attend for up to 2 hours and we print a picture for everyone in the photo. There is no limit to the amount of pictures we print within the 2 hour time allowance.
Example price for this:
2 hours printing 6x4 photographs - £520.
For larger prints of 9x6 (twice the size), the package would be £645. This is our most popular package.